Gift Aid Fund Breakdown Report

Currently to find out how much Gift Aid needs to be designated to each fund we have to download the whole claim, clean up the errors and then manually sort and filter until we have the data in the correct format. It would be great if this process did not have to be carried out manually. We have noticed several times from downloading the report that the total figure is often a few pounds out (sometimes by a lot) from the claim total and we have not been able to figure out where the difference has occurred. This means the data is inaccurate which we are then having to use in our accounts which isn't great. Other systems we have used in the past have produced this report for us at the click of a button so we have been really surprised to see this function not work very well on Donorfy. We would love to see an automatic report set up which produces a clear breakdown of which funds the Gift Aid is to be designated to.

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