To be able to go back to the last page we were on & refresh without being diverted to the home page

When we were trained on Donorfy we were told to open a second tab in our browser if we want to be in two places at once or frequently go between the two. This is fine but if we accidentally click into a new page instead of opening as a new tab, we then have to go all the way back through to find where we were. This can be frustrating as it is so easily done and happens amongst our team often. This often happens when we're checking that a Gift Aid declaration has been added to a constituent's profile while we are checking through a batch before posting. So it isn't a case of using the "recent" tab to go back to the batch as this is only for constituents. My suggestion would be to either enable easy movement with the back and forward arrows in the browser between pages or to add more pages like batches to the recent tab so that it is easier and quicker to find where we were.

Planned Crowd pleaser Suggested by: Rebekah Upvoted: 21 Oct Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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