Enhanced corporate record and employee management

Submitted on behalf of a number of Donorfy clients who got together to discuss this. If possible, we feel it would be helpful to have the following features:

- Ability to create 'sub-records' of individuals that live within an organisational constituent, recording basic information about employees (name, job title, email address) without having to create a separate individual record for each employee.
- The ability for Donorfy to recognise the email addresses of the above 'sub records' and send "Send to Donorfy" emails to the main organisational record, rather than having separate activities within each employee's individual record.

The above would keep all activity relating to an organisation together so there is a complete picture within the organisational record, reducing the amount of time spent searching employee records for the most recent communications. It would also help to keep Donorfy tidy by reducing the number of individual records that only exist for admin purposes.

Under consideration Suggested by: Laura Perratt Upvoted: 28 Apr Comments: 0

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