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I currently enter numerous constituents ��� Churches and Individuals ��� onto Donorfy.

I wonder if you can help or amend the current way in which the list of ���Potential Duplicates��� options appear when the name field is completed ?

Currently, when adding an individual with a Surname like : Mount or Wells or Croft - the ���potential duplicates��� options list can appear to be hundreds ��� ie anything, name, address of street or town which contains this word appears. Ideally only the specific Surname Field should be considered?.
As it becomes impossible each time to scroll up and down a long irrelevant list to see if anyone of this surname is already on the database. Even though title and first name fields are there, this does not seem to be included in the search for duplicated records.

I also add, or try to find, many Churches, by name : Donorfy appears to deny any duplicates which are for example with or without an apostrophe ��� a recent exasperating example was tentatively adding St Andrew Old Church to be greeted with ���not found��� , entering it,

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